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February 14 is in France and in many countries the feast of lovers. Why and where does this tradition come from?
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For brides looking for DIY for their wedding, here is one that will be easily and quickly made! Original and useful, these small tissue cases will be perfect for the ceremony, in case of tears of happiness. The material necessary to make these cases: - Tracing paper - Tissues -...
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If you opted for a Popcorn Bar at your wedding (or any other event), you will necessarily need small boxes! And what could be better than personalizing and creating them yourself ... Here is a DIY that will allow you to make small Pop Corn boxes very easily (but with a lot of patience ...)....
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As you may have noticed, flowers are an ultra trendy beauty accessory for brides in 2018. In view of the podiums of New York's Bridal Week, this craze is not running out of steam, quite the contrary, and flowers in hair will probably be the ESSENTIAL beauty detail of the 2019 wedding season.
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Do you think children are an integral part of the holiday, and can't imagine your wedding without them? But for the past few weeks you have been having horrible nightmares in which this joyful bunch of rascals has unrestrained fun by jeopardizing your superb decoration. Do not panic, but it is...