Understand our concept

How are made your creations?

We design refined pieces exclusively in natural flowers that last over time. We handmade them to order. Each creation, made with care by hand in our workshop, is therefore unique!

Therefore, the photos appearing on the site may show slight differences with the product you will receive. However, we make sure that all our models are made as close as possible to the article presented on our site.

How do you get sustainable natural flowers?

Our natural flowers, grasses and foliage have been dried, preserved or freeze-dried to retain their delicate beauty.

- The preserved process consists of replacing the sap and water of the freshly cut plants with a solution based on vegetable glycerin. This 100% natural stabilizing liquid helps stop the aging process to create a static image of nature. This method has been around for a long time, but its technology has improved significantly over the past 20 years. Very popular for years in Asian countries, stabilized plants are now experiencing strong development, a legitimate craze motivated by the ecological quest for nature and sustainability.

- The drying process involves picking plants at their full maturity before they wither to dehydrate them naturally. Drying is an ancient 100% natural traditional technique that keeps plants in a stable state for many years.

- The freeze-drying technique involves freezing the flowers to then extract all the moisture. This completely natural process stops the aging process and maintains the aesthetics, structure and original colors of the flowers for many years.

What is the difference between dried, preserved and freeze-dried flowers?

- Preserved flowers are picked at the height of their beauty. Thanks to the eco-technique of stabilization, they retain their original suppleness and shine for years to look like fresh flowers. We have a large variety of preserved foliage, flowers and flowering branches that we expand each year with new species to constantly offer you new and modern creations.

- Long considered old-fashioned and obsolete with the image of our grandmothers keeping their bridal bouquets under glass globes, dried flowers are reinventing themselves and opening up their deliciously poetic bohemian universe with their soft and powdery hues. Unlike preserved flowers, dried flowers lose their natural flexibility and are more brittle. As a result, it is common to find a few petals and small items at the bottom of the box when receiving your dried flower bouquets. This phenomenon is completely normal and in no way detracts from the beauty of our creations.

- Freeze-dried flowers, less known than the previous two categories, are growing in popularity due to their ease of use. This totally ecological process guarantees the firmness of the flowers, which favors their integration into floral arrangements with an appearance very similar to fresh flowers.

Why choose sustainable flowers?

We live in a pivotal time with an increasingly widespread awareness aimed at preserving the natural resources of our Earth. Adopting sustainable flowers in our interior decoration is part of an eco-responsible approach. Simple and authentic, dried or stabilized flowers are the trendy decorative touch! A real return to nature in a way of life that is more respectful of our environment.

Are preserved flowers more expensive than fresh flowers?

Preserved flowers require specific treatment and care which of course increases their cost price. However, because of their longevity, they are ultimately products that have an excellent quality / price ratio. This is the main reason why many accommodation and catering professionals are now turning to preserved flowers to elegantly decorate their reception areas. A definite economic advantage in favor of stabilized flowers compared to fresh flowers, for an identical rendering.

Y a-t-il des conseils spécifiques de conservation ?

Our creations must be used indoors in a warm and dry place. To keep them as long as possible, they should be kept away from humidity and away from all direct sources of heat (sun, heating, fireplace, stove, etc.). Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause some flowers to fade. No watering of course, our flowers do not require any maintenance. To limit dust, a simple passage of the feather duster or a hair dryer in the cold position is sufficient.

Questions for my wedding

Can I customed my bouquet or my floral accessory?

Each model in our store can be customed according to your desires and your theme, and made in the colors of your choice. Flowers, foliage, pearls, ribbons… all the elements composing our creations can be removed, added or modified. You can also ask us for a custom creation according to your theme, your colors, your style, or your inspiration.

To let us know your request, you can contact us by phone at 09 83 35 90 51, by e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com, on our website via our contact form or via our social networks: Instagram, Facebook et Pinterest.

Can I match my accessories and my future groom's buttonhole to my bridal bouquet?

All our models of headdresses, jewels, buttonholes, bridesmaids' bouquets, can be matched with your bridal bouquet. We will use the same flowers and decorative elements to match your order.

To let us know your request, you can contact us by phone at 09 83 35 90 51, by e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com, on our website via our contact form or via our social networks: Instagram, Facebook et Pinterest.

How long can I keep my bouquet or accessories?

Several years. For a perfect conservation over time, we advise you to keep your creations protected from the sun and humidity. Also avoid immediate proximity to all sources of heat (radiator, fireplace, stove, etc.).

Is it possible to design my whole wedding in dried or preserved flowers?

The 100% sustainable flower wedding is quite possible. You can effectively design all your decoration in dried and stabilized flowers totally in accordance with your bridal bouquet and accessories. This will allow you to be able to decorate your reception area in advance without last minute stress. In addition, you can then offer pretty compositions to your loved ones in memory of this wonderful day.

Contact-us, it is with great pleasure that we will help you to create the decoration and the atmosphere of your unique day.

I'm hesitating between several models, can you help me?

Do you have any doubts and would like to be advised? You can either:

- Call us at 09 83 35 90 51

- Send an e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com

- Contact us via cour contact form

- Contact us via our social networks: Instagram, Facebook et Pinterest We are at your disposal and we will be happy to assist you in the choice of every detail.

Will your styling accessories hold up well in my hair?

Our floral headdresses are comfortable and practical. Very light, you can wear them securely fixed in your hair all day without any discomfort.

Choose your accessory according to your style and your hairstyle:

- Ideal on loose hair, our flower crowns adapt perfectly to your head size thanks to their ribbons to tie at the back. Very comfortable to wear, they bring a bohemian and feminine touch to all hairstyles, even on short hair.

- For total freedom, choose our flower picks that your hairdresser can use as they wish in your hairstyle. They will bring a note of poetry and softness disseminated in a bun or in a braid.

- Our combs, pins and half crowns have loops at the back to allow your stylist to secure them in your hair with bobby pins. This unique design ensures them a perfect hold in any hairstyle, even on thin hair.

Can I wear a veil with a flowered accessory in my hair?

If you want to wear the traditional bridal veil, it is quite possible to add one of our floral headdresses. You will thus keep a bohemian and romantic spirit even when you take off your veil!

Depending on the accessory and the hairstyle you choose, you can wear it over or under the veil. However, care must be taken that the veil does not crush the flowers, especially if it is very long and therefore very heavy. In this case, it is better to leave the veil underneath the most delicate accessories such as comb or crown.

How should I handle my headdress so as not to damage it?

Our preserved or dried flowers and foliage are natural plants, all different and unique, as nature has shaped them. Unlike artificial flowers and foliage, they retain the fragility of fresh flowers, and, like them, should be treated with care and attention to delicate things.

You will take care never to catch them by the petals, not to pull or crush the flowers (the foliage is less fragile).

Regarding your hair accessories, you will inform your hairdresser of their fragility so that he handles them with care, holding them by their metal base to put them in place in your hair (hairdressers are often used to artificial flowers which are very resistant). You will also ask him to apply lacquer or any other product before fitting the floral accessories to avoid damaging them.

Last recommendation and not the least: be sure to protect your bouquet and accessories in the event of rain.

Can I use my accessories during the various fittings?

Your accessories are the final touch of your outfit, the flowery detail that will personalize your dress and assert your style. It is therefore important that they are in harmony with your dress and your hairstyle. If you want to bring them during your fittings to have a complete view of your toilet, however, we recommend that you avoid removing them unnecessarily from their case because, through experience with our customers, it sometimes happens that some people who are not very meticulous. inadvertently damage.

Likewise, if you want to show your hairdresser the accessory that he must integrate into your hairstyle, we do not recommend that you fix it in your hair to avoid unnecessary manipulations that could damage your precious headdress.

How long before the wedding should I order?

As soon as you have chosen your dress or determined your choices. Each element is created and composed by craftsmen in our workshop. We offer high quality and very careful work.

Although very responsive, we recommend that you book several months in advance, especially if you want to personalize your order and if your wedding takes place during high season (April to October) because our schedule is quickly saturated during this period.

In addition, due to the seasonality of our plants, we sometimes run out of stock of some of our flowers during the year. So don't do it at the last minute to avoid unnecessary stress!

I don't want to receive my order several months before my wedding, is it possible to ship it later?

Once the order has been confirmed, we can decide together on the shipping date that suits you best. The important thing is to include yourself in our schedule to be sure that we can take your order. If you wish to postpone the delivery date, please let us know when ordering or by e-mail atcontact@ayanafloraldesign.com by telling us the date of your wedding. In this case, in principle we offer to make and ship your order no later than 15 days before your wedding date, but we can agree on any other date at your convenience.

I'm getting married in 10 days, can I still order?

For any urgent order, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail atcontact@ayanafloraldesign.com or from our site via our contact form or if you prefer directly by phone at 09 83 35 90 51. We will do our best to try to fulfill your order as a priority.

I have to postpone my wedding: can I postpone the delivery?

We are living in a time of uncertainty, a source of stress for all the bride and groom who have sometimes had to postpone their marriage several times. If this is the case and your order has not yet been shipped, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 09 83 35 90 51or e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com, we understand the problems you are having and will see together how to best manage the delivery of your accessories.

My wedding has been postponed: how do I keep my accessories until D-Day?

If you had to postpone your wedding until the last moment when you had already received your order, no stress: your accessories will keep perfectly if you respect good storage conditions. Keep them in their box by checking them from time to time.

Keep in mind that their biggest enemy is humidity. We don't necessarily realize it, but sometimes the humidity levels in our homes rise abnormally - in a rainy spring or fall, for example, when our heaters are turned off. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Questions about my order

What are your lead times?

Each creation being made to order, our production times are variable, depending on the schedule of our workshop. Count on average 1 to 2 weeks from October to January, which can be extended to 3 to 4 weeks, between February and September. When placing your order, estimated delivery times will be communicated to you.

I would like to make a gift, is it possible to add a note to my bouquet of flowers?

It is quite possible to have a pretty floral gift delivered to the person of your choice with a little accompanying note. In this case, you just need to tell us either in the comments box when placing the order, or by sending an email when we confirm your order.

How to make a personalized order?

For any personalized order contact us

- By phone at 09 83 35 90 51

- By e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com

- Through our site through our contact form

- Via our social networks: Instagram, Facebook et Pinterest It is with pleasure that we will exchange to create the unique model you have imagined.

I would like more than one item, what if there is not enough stock available?

Email us at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com or contact us from our site via our contact form specifying the desired quantity, we will add items to our stock if possible so that you can finalize your order.

I spotted an item on your site for a few weeks, but I cannot order it because it is now out of stock: what should I do?

Due to the seasonality of plants, it sometimes happens that our suppliers are out of stock on certain plants, which means that we sometimes have to withdraw items from the market. If you wish to order an item that is currently unavailable, send us your request by e-mail to contact@ayanafloraldesign.com or contact us from our site via our contact form, we can possibly offer you an alternative to make the part you want by replacing the missing material or give you the estimated date of return in stock of this one.

What if I can't place my order?

If your order could not be finalized due to a refusal of payment, please renew your payment a few minutes later, possibly changing your payment method. If this error is not resolved after several tries or for any other problem, we invite you to call us at 09 83 35 90 51 or contact us by e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com.

How to benefit from free delivery?

We offer delivery costs for all orders over € 150 of purchases. For this you do not have to do anything, the free delivery costs will apply automatically as soon as your basket reaches 150 €.

I haven't received an order confirmation, what should I do?

Any sale on our site automatically generates a confirmation e-mail containing the characteristics of the sale. If you do not receive this email, first check that it has not been SPAM. If not, is the email address you entered correct? If you cannot find this confirmation email, it is important to check that your order has been finalized with payment and is correctly registered with us. To do this, you must report this malfunction by e-mail to the following address: contact@ayanafloraldesign.com

How do I get an invoice?

You will find your invoice directly on our site in your personal space. If you cannot collect it, you can request it from us by e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com specifying your name, date and order number.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

All our flowery items for sale in our e-shop are made to order. We can therefore cancel or make changes to your order if it has not yet been completed. However, you cannot cancel a tailor-made order, for which we have already made specific purchases from our suppliers, even if your order has not yet been placed.

Contact us by email at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com for any modification or cancellation request.

Is it possible to add a supplement to my order?

If you wish to add an additional item to an order that has not yet been shipped, we invite you to write to us beforehand at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com . We will send you a discount code to apply when placing the additional order to avoid having to repay shipping costs.

How to track my order ?

You receive an email for each step of your order:

- When placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email specifying the expected date of shipment.

- When sending your order, you will receive confirmation of its shipment with a tracking number. Remember to look at your e-mail box as well as your SPAM possibly.

Questions about my delivery

Can I change my delivery address?

As long as your order has not been shipped you can change your delivery address by contacting us at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com .

If the new destination does not entail additional transport costs, we will confirm by return e-mail that this change of address has been taken into account.

In the event that this change would entail a higher transport cost than that initially paid (case of a change from mainland France to Reunion Island for example) this will be your responsibility and the change of address cannot be taken. into account only after payment of the additional cost.

We can no longer change the delivery address of your order once it has been shipped. We therefore invite you to carefully check this address when placing an order, as any incorrect address will result in your package being returned to the sender.

Are your creations well packaged to withstand transport?

Each year, we send thousands of packages to all parts of the world with packaging adapted to each product. Protecting your order requires our full attention and it is with the utmost care that we pack your precious order so that it can travel under the best possible conditions and arrive at your place intact.

What are the average delivery times?

Delivery times depend on the delivery method chosen and the place of destination.

- In France, the average times announced by carriers are: 24 hrs in Chronopost Relais 72 hrs in Colissimo

- For the French islands and abroad, the average times range from 3 to 15 days depending on the distance. Note that the number of days indicated above corresponds to the time generally observed, this duration can be extended by disruptive elements such as COVID 19 for example. We are in no way responsible for delivery times which are the responsibility of the carrier and we decline all responsibility for any delays in delivery.

How can I track my delivery?

When sending your order, you will receive confirmation of its shipment with a shipment number and the tracking URL link on our carrier's website. You will be able to follow the progress of your package and be informed of its delivery date. If you have not received this email, it is possible that it was SPAM, for any questions please address contact@ayanafloraldesign.com .

My package is indicated as delivered but I have not received anything. What to do ?

If your tracking link indicates that your package has been delivered, we recommend that you first check around to see if someone else has received it (a neighbor for example). Otherwise, contact the post office that provides your deliveries to obtain any information about this delivery. If the package cannot be found, we invite you to file a loss claim with your post office and to contact us by phone at 09 83 35 90 51 or by e-mail at contact @ ayanafloraldesign.com to inform us of the situation and jointly find a solution to this problem.

What can I do if my order has been damaged during transport?

We invite you first of all to carefully check the condition of the package upon delivery and to notify the delivery person in writing of any apparent problem with the package (crushed, open, torn package, etc.). As far as possible (excluding sending abroad and letter followed) we take out insurance during shipment in the event of deterioration, but we cannot implement this insurance if no written reservation has been made during the shipment. of delivery.

Send us an e-mail to contact@ayanafloraldesign.com if you notice when opening the package that your accessory is damaged with the references of your order, the reservations made upon receipt and photos of damaged parts. We will see together how to repair the damage as quickly as possible.

If your package does not show any apparent external damage but you notice a problem with your order when opening your box, we invite you to contact us by e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com by attaching photographs of damaged parts. We will get back to you very quickly to answer your problem.

We remind you, however, that you may find small pieces of dried flowers at the bottom of your box. Don't worry if it doesn't alter the beauty of your order. This is due to transport but don't worry, your bouquet or accessory will not deteriorate under normal conditions of use.

My order does not meet my expectations, can I return it to you?

It is not possible to take back or exchange a personalized order. However, as soon as we have completed it, we will send you a photograph for validation. This optionally allows you to request some minor changes if it does not fully meet your expectations. We do this by exchanging e-mails until we obtain your approval before sending it to you.

If you are not satisfied with your non-personalized order, we invite you to notify us by e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com . We will tell you the terms if you wish to return it to us for refund or exchange. Returned products must be new, undamaged and carefully repackaged for transport as when they were originally shipped. Please note: our products are fragile and only those received in perfect condition will be eligible for a refund. The return costs are your responsibility unless this return is motivated by an error on our part, in which case we will send you a prepaid label for the return.

Questions about our services and products

Are all your creations in natural flowers, even your jewelry?

Yes, we only use preserved or dried flowers and foliage for our creations. The specificity of these flowers and foliage is that they allow us to create a multitude of original accessories, each more delicate and refined than the next. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches ... we preserve the delicate beauty of natural flowers to create exceptional jewelry with incomparable charm.

Are your earrings comfortable to wear?

Our earrings of a new kind created in preserved flowers are super light and therefore easy to wear all day long. You can adopt them daily to brighten up all your outfits. It will also be a very noticed adornment for all your special events, the charming asset to perfect your wedding, engagement, baptism, birthday ...

What is the difference between silver metal, gold metal, silver and gold-filled?

We give you the possibility to choose your jewelry and headbands (headbands / headbands) between 4 types of chains and findings:

- The silver metal

- Golden metal

- 925 silver : l'argent a une teneur de minimum 92,5 % d'argent pur. C'est ce que l'on appelle l'argent 925 ou Sterling Silver 925.

- Gold filled: it is a treatment widely used in the United States. This is a 14k gold finish, applied to a brass base. Gold filled jewelry has the appearance of gold jewelry. Our gold filled jewelry and headbands have gold metal stamps.

Are your DIY (Do It Yourself) easy to do?

Our DIY kits include a detailed technical sheet and all the elements necessary for the realization of pretty creations in dried or stabilized flowers. These easy-to-make kits are ideal for having fun and getting started safely in the rewarding world of home made!

What are the glue-on decorations for and how do I use them?

Completely customizable as to their shape or their colors, our floral arrangements (small or large) can be easily attached to any medium: frame, urn, table plan, wreath ... Easily adaptable, these pretty floral arrangements made on small plates also include two loops to be either glued or attached ... The flowery touch to add to all your homemade creations! Make way for creativity, we await your photos on contact@ayanafloraldesign.com.

How do your workshops work?

Whether it is an activity with girlfriends for a bachelorette party or an original animation at a party, our creative workshops are always nice moments of sharing and conviviality. These meetings based on the work of dried and stabilized flowers are organized according to your wishes and are adaptable to each audience. Contact us by phone at 09 83 35 90 51 or by e-mail at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com to tell us about your project: we will submit proposals to you. 'workshop. The estimate is free on request.

Do you have an offer for professionals?

Floral designer specializing in sustainable flowers for years, we work with professionals to design any personalized floral project: Deco professional places, event decoration, floral makeover of hotels, restaurants, guest rooms ...; scenography for photo shoots, showcases enhancement, stand decoration, corporate gifts, team building workshop, product launch events… Contact us at contact@ayanafloraldesign.com we offer a personalized solution at each request.

And for more information, find us on our social networks: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.