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Are the pictures of American brides with their bridesmaids making you dream? Here are some good reasons to adopt this practice and some useful tips for choosing them:
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This essential practice across the Atlantic is increasingly attracting our future brides and grooms. If you've just got engaged, here are some tips on this very useful custom:
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Your sister or your best friend is getting married next year and has chosen you as a witness? To thank her for this honor and to be associated with her joy and the preparations for her wedding, why not offer her for Christmas a "Pre-wedding" calendar?
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Your sweetheart has just asked for your marriage and you are both enthusiastically looking for a dream place to live this wonderful day. But you are starting to be disillusioned because between your professional obligations, the weddings already planned by your friends this year, your parents'...
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The most beautiful aspect of your wedding is loaded with many rituals such as that of throwing the bouquet. This tradition, reserved for girls who are still single, predicts that the lucky one who manages to catch the bouquet launched by the bride will be the next single person to marry. If we do...